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The materials in many consumer products are used because they are cheap and ubiquitous. Conventional materials in everyday things like towels are frequently low-quality, often leaving a trail of toxins and pollutants behind. They inevitably end up in a landfill.

The things used everyday collectively have a massive impact on health—ours and the planet’s. 

This is particularly true in the world of textiles–noted in contemporary times as one of the great global polluters.

Highly reliant on oil based inputs and cheap labor, many industry participants have fostered a textile market noted for disposable purchases. 

But it need not be.

By buying longer lasting, higher quality textiles made from bio-based materials, consumers can help move us away from waste and an economy underpinned by oil. 



The case for Industrial hemp.

A natural resource that is grown, not extracted.

Like oil, this hearty plant can be broken down, fractionated, into smaller parts– inputs that are then used to create a diverse array of items. Building materials. Textiles. Bioplastics. The applications are seemingly endless. And the potential environmental benefits are vast.

This plant, grown in abundance, has the potential to catalyze vibrant sustainable growth while helping us advance toward a post-carbon world. 

But, as others who’ve similarly been in the industrial hemp industry for many years, we acknowledge the challenges. We realize that establishing a US supply chain for an emerging industry is not simple. Nor easy. But it is worth it. 

Smelly, crusty towels?? FORGET ABOUT IT! These towels proved to be a great addition to my daily routine. They are super light weight, yet very absorbent, and they seem to dry out fairly quickly. I have two (one for my morning shower, and one for later in the day after the gym or playing sports) and they are always dry by the next morning. The antimicrobial aspect of the materials used is also very unique, and means that the towels stay cleaner (from a microbial standpoint) longer, helping to eliminate that foul musty smell other towels can get. I still wash my towels weekly with my other clothes, and they have seemed to hold up well after many cycles without compromising softness or integrity.

James Garriott

Alrighty!!! What a towel. We wish we had a washcloth! They are super soft, extremely absorbent, dry very quickly after we hang them up. We have still yet to detect any smells on them at all. The first time we washed them we were …

Larry Ferguson

These towels are amazing! Super soft, super absorbent, and they NEVER smell moldy or mildew-y! I love all the different colors too. These are the only towels I will ever buy from now on.

Lisa Winton

I never thought I'd be so impressed with something as simple as a towel. I couldn't have imagined materials made such a difference.  After using my Everydaily towel for two weeks, I don't want to use anything else! Nothing absorbs and dries as quickly as this towel and its nice to know its made from sustainable materials, helping the environment, and supporting entrepreneurs based in Omaha, Nebraska.

My towel is a beautiful blue color, derived from all-natural ingredients. The performance was amazing in the bathroom and then after returning from an afternoon at the pool, I realized how soggy my beach towels were, and tested this towel at the pool, and it really did dry out faster!

Brandi Holys

These may be the best towels I’ve ever used! Soft and fluffy, they wick up the water like crazy, and dry more quickly than you would think. If you’re like most people, you use a towel three or four times before you wash it. Let me just say that these towels smell daisy-fresh even after a few uses. Give your body a real treat and help the planet!

Michael Lyon

The towels were great,hemp blend cotton,with zero synthetic materials with chemical fiber,zippo.very soft and warm too the skin,a must have for people on the go.👍

James Traylor

We use these towels daily in our sauna. Of all the towels we have tried, these resist all fungal and bacterial growth--even in a high perspiration and moisture environment. These towels are also the most durable. They are still going strong after hundreds of laundry cycles.

David Milligan

Everydaily Performance textiles: informed by our end-users. the input of athletes, coaches, Physical Trainers, Equipment Managers and countless others Identified the Desired Product attributes. We then engineered our textiles and tested them. Repeatedly.

This critical input doesn’t end with an initial appreciation of what’s desired in a product. We consistently solicit feedback to refine and improve. Then we test. Again. And again. We will not represent what we can’t back up. Full stop. 



Everydaily’s mission is to reduce the friction in your everyday routine and celebrate everyday moments through our high-performance, low environmental impact textiles.


Commitment To Learning

Our team is a learning organization, which means we are intentionally structured to embrace new knowledge, insights, and perspectives from our community and other experts as we develop our textile processes and products. 

Breaking The Hemp Stigma

Hemp is often overlooked given its frequent association with its cousin marijuana, but our team saw its potential and progress over a decade ago, and stuck with it.

Purpose Beyond Profit

Ultimately, we aim to reduce the effects of climate change using the power of healthier textiles by providing high-performance products that are infinitely better for people and the planet.


Making Sustainability Accessible

We are dedicated to making sustainability accessible and actionable by spreading awareness about the power of a plant-based textiles economy.


Designing For The Everyday Person

Everyday people and everyday moments should be celebrated. You see the trophy, but not the daily practices, mental exercises, and early-morning locker room prep. Our products are designed to honor the everyday routines and the successes that come after that.

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