How Often Should You Really Wash Your Towels

Team Everydaily | 04 May 2021

There’s nothing like finishing a workout or a long day with the warm embrace of a soft towel. But sometimes that embrace is a little more smelly, stinky, and well...wet than we would like. These are all warning signs that you need to throw that thing in the wash.

How often should you really wash your towels?

The American Cleaning Institute recommends washing conventional bath towels after only three uses. If you shower every day, that means laundry almost twice a week. 

But here’s the kicker - they also recommend you wash after only ONE use if any of the following applies:
Towels have bodily fluids on them
Towels were kept in your gym bag
Towels kept on a damp bathroom
You have skin conditions or allergies
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What if I don’t wash my towels like that?

Unfortunately, not washing conventional towels appropriately can essentially create a petri dish for bacteria. Towels, being damp and moist, provide the perfect environment for microbes to spread. Yea that “moldy” smell isn’t you, it’s microbes. And that mold actually might be causing your allergies or skin conditions to flare up.

And we’re all already fighting enough bacteria in the outside world! 

Constantly washing laundry isn’t just annoying, it also has a serious environmental impact.

The Environmental Impact of Washing Laundry

Put simply, a conventional washing machine requires A LOT of water, a lot of energy, and can contribute to pollution in our ecosystems. 

Depending on the type of washing machine you use, up to 40 gallons of water may be used per load of laundry. That’s over two standard fish tanks of water every load.

To make matters worse, any water that was not essentially absorbed into your laundry is considered wastewater and goes into the sewer system. And that’s how you get water pollution - especially if you’re washing towels with synthetic fibres which are essentially plastics.

Washing synthetic fibres like polyester can release an estimated 700,000 microscopic plastic fibers into the environment. These plastics don’t stay in the sewer systems but can actually infiltrate ecosystems and oceans - poisoning aquatic animals that accidentally ingest them.

Plus, the clothes dryer alone is said to be responsible for approximately six percent of the average home’s energy use. Imagine running that thing EVERY day, potentially several times a day. 

So yea...your towels can be clean but at what cost?

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Is there a way to reduce the amount of times I wash a towel?

Yes, the best way to reduce the amount of times you wash is to invest in towels made with better materials. One of the most underrated materials is hemp, a natural fibre that makes the strongest, softest, and safest textiles in the world.

Investing in an organic hemp or hemp blend can help you wash less without feeling the dread of picking it up the next morning...and seeing an unwelcome moldy friend. 

Okay, but isn’t hemp like…illegal?

No! Hemp is one of the most misunderstood materials due its association with its cousin marijuana. The biggest difference is hemp does not contain significant amounts of THC, the chemical that gives you the “high” feeling. 

Hemp cultivation dates back more than 10,000 years, and attitudes around hemp are changing as people start to rediscover it’s amazing properties. 

We are kind of obsessed with hemp - for good reason!

Some Jaw-Dropping Facts About Hemp:
Hemp is the strongest natural fibre in the world
Hemp is a weed, so it grows prolifically with little water and no pesticide
Hemp crops return nutrients to the soil and sequester carbon dioxide
A single hemp plant yields 220% more fiber than a cotton plant
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Our team of environmentally-minded engineers, textile experts, and farmers have dedicated our lives to bring hemp into the hands of humans. We’re starting with creating the ultimate, sustainable towel using our tested and innovative hemp/cotton blend. 

Our hemp towels and other products are coming to you soon. 

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and be the first to hear about the perks of our ultimate, everyday towel.

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